At Hawaii Gates we design and fabricate ornamental and security gates and fences in many styles and types.


We have the creativity and resourcefulness to design your project for your environment – and your budget.

Ornamental gates provide your home with a distinctive combination of style and security. Add memorable flair to your home. Enhance your home’s value and curb appeal.

The gates we craft are made from high-quality steel or aluminum, or beautiful hardwoods, and we provide a variety of options for reliable, state-of-the art automation.

Hawaii Gates services Hawaii’s most beautiful homes, farms, ranches and estates on every aspect of gate ownership.

  • Custom Driveway Gate Fabrication
  • Custom Pedestrian Gates
  • Custom Signs and House Numbers
  • Solar Power Installation
  • Gate Repairs
  • Gate Motor Repairs


We craft our custom gates and fences for durability and functionality, as well as for striking looks. Wood, aluminum or steel, from classic to modern, practical to fanciful, our gates offer an unrivaled sense of arrival.

The Process

We start with a survey of your site, develop digital renderings to help you visualize the finished product, then proceed with engineering and production. You’ll get a dedicated team that will ensure consistency in production and quality.

The Finishing Touches

Our team of experts fabricates and installs locally, welding old-school craftsmanship to innovative technology while relying on high-quality, trusted brands.

Let’s talk about your specific needs.

We love to answer questions, brainstorm, and find solutions for homes and businesses in Hawaii.

Contact us to chat about how Hawaii Gates can help.