Hawaii Gates installs and services a wide range of electronic elements for gates in Hawaii.


We integrate cutting-edge electronics into your gates for enhanced security and convenience.

Hawaii Gates provides electronic solutions such as access control systems, intercoms and gate automation, providing seamless functionality while ensuring the safety and security of your property. We also offer electronic troubleshooting and consulting service throughout Hawaii, including the neighbor islands.

With decades of experience in the electronics repairs field, Hawaii Gates can troubleshoot everything from circuit board failure, wiring issues, IP and network issues right into software and driver problems on Windows or command-based systems.

Our response time is fast throughout Hawaii, including the neighbor islands. We have our own airplane and fly throughout Hawaii to get a tech out to your location ASAP.

From install to service, we power your project.

Let’s talk about your specific needs.

We love to answer questions, brainstorm, and find solutions for homes and businesses in Hawaii.

Contact us to chat about how Hawaii Gates can help.